KnowledgeFrame is a professional IT services business focused on providing our clients honest answers, great outcomes and great value for money 

We honestly get it - running a small business, amateur sports club, charity or creating a new start up is tough. The time you have available to focus on IT is limited and available budgets are tight, but the pressure to deliver and succeed is very real – so a reasonable first step before doing anything is to ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. What do we really want to achieve?
  2. What can we reasonably do and maintain, ourselves & what do we need help with?
  3. What do we need that, having weighed up the commitments and expenditures we will need to make in our time, effort and money,  it is better for us to outsource completely?”

They may seem obvious but if you pause and truly think your answers through they may suprise you! 

How deeply you think your answers through can be the difference between success and an expensive disapointment.

We aim to help our clients arrive at clear and honest answers to these key questions and then provide the simplest possible, cost effective solutions those answers show are needed. We understand a website, an App and collecting payments are just part of a bigger picture. In reality, for any enterprise to grow, simply having the tools is not enough – which is why we offer advice, the ability to try out your ideas and additional services relating to social media marketing, email campaign management, data analytics, data privacy, customer relationship management and more.

To deliver the result you seek:

  • We listen and learn
  • We design, build, host and support websites.
  • We help our clients build or provide turn key low cost Mobile Apps
  • We provide access to the best and most cost-effective solutions to taking online, telephone and card payments
  • We provide advice and services relating to customer relationship building and management, social media marketing, email campaign management, data analytics and data privacy. 

We are based in the UK, and work hard to understand what a client actually needs (which is often very different once the client has stopped to answered the 3 questions above) and then we  deliver a meaningful result - something that genuinely adds value.

We also recognise that there is no point for us to offer these services if you can’t afford them – so our fundamental principle is to firstly engage and understand your aims and needs, give you honest feedback on what you can do yourself, where our help would add value, how that help should be structured and delivered in the most cost effective way. Then if you accept our proposals we work hard and quickly, using and  levering the best open-source technologies available to avoid unnecessary bespoke programming work that could limit your future options, so that we provide genuinely affordable services and, unlike most providers, we do not make large upfront charges for our services, nor do we charge hourly rates that rapidly add up to very large sums. We offer a very straightforward single monthly subscription fee that covers everything we supply meaning that there are no nasty surprises or additional costs sprung as the project progresses.

Our offer can include any or all of these services:

  • Development services to get your ideas up and running.

    • Low cost Mobile App building
    • Online, Mobile & e-payment solutions
    • Website building, hosting & search engine optimisation services
    • Customer Loyalty and Membership programmes
  • Backup services to make sure your business is protected.

  • Update/Patching services to make sure your web systems stay protected.

  • Monitoring of your services to make sure your promises are delivered.

  • Hosting from simple to load balanced and fail safe delivery of critical services to your clients.

Put simply we take on the day-to-day tasks at a clear, fixed and known cost - so you can concentrate on what you do best; running your enterprise and adding to its bottom line value.

To start a conversation on how we can help you acheive your aims  get in touch today.