Our Appbuilder offer to you is very different from the normal quote and build proposition. We provide very simple options –

  1. if you feel capable of building your own app with little support (it really is not that hard) we will provide all the tools you need to self-build the app you want to the standard and functionality you need.
  2. Alternatively, if you would like support, ongoing advice and, access to extra features we offer a mentored service where we will guide you through the process and help you understand and use all the features we have available for you to construct your ideal application.,
  3. If you have an existing online shop choose e-trader -  the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to extend your shopping offer from the Internet into the pockets of customers with a Mobile App.

Unlike most providers we do not make large upfront charges for our services, nor do we charge hourly rates that rapidly add up to very large sums. We have a very straightforward single monthly subscription fee that covers everything we supply.  If you have tested the market you will know that it is very easy to spend over £10,000 commissioning the development of a mobile app. On top of this outlay you will face ongoing costs of support, security, updates etc, etc.

With Knowledgeframe you pay one simple known and fixed monthly subscription* which covers the whole process – there are no extra costs**

Beyond the above Appbuilder options we offer the full range of services from total bespoke development through website build and support, ecommerce shop construction, online payment services, etc, etc – but the simple fact that few will state is most business, clubs and establishments who are interested in having a mobile app simply do not need this level of support.

We believe that for most users our Appbuilder provides the answer to the true need of our client in the most cost effective and fasted development environment possible - get in touch to discuss your requirements with our advisors you may well be suprised by how afordable a fully functional Mobile App can be.

*In addition, you will have to pay fees directly to Apple and Google to register your finished app on the Apple Store and Google Play Shop. These fees are; Apple USD $99per year: Google £25 which is currently a one off payment.

**Certain application plugin features do have an additional subscription cost – these applications are optional extras which may have no relevance to your requirements – during the Appbuilder free trial period you can explore and decide for yourself the value offered.