If your business requires a solution to COVID-19 Track & Trace compliance and/or contactless ordering and payment we have the solution you are seeking...


The Government requires public facing businesses to collect data to allow the successful operation of the track and trace system.

You can learn more about the requirements by visiting the Official Government Website

In support of this requirement the Government has released the NHS COVID-19 App - the use of this App on entry by a customer or client discharges the duty placed on the business to separately record the customer details; but unfortunately whilst the carrying of a smart phone is now more or less universal the NHS Covid-19 App is not an equally universal "silver bullet"  solution as;

  • It does not work on all Phones (many older model phones cannot run it)
  • Not everyone is willing to install it or use it

For those customers and clients who cannot, or will not, use the NHS App the business owner is still required by law to take and keep for 21 days  track and trace contact data and we, therefore, have developed our VENUE QR Solution to answer this requirement. VENUE QR is a simple QR Code based solution that uses any installed QR code reader to answer the COVID data recording 

It is;

  • Simple for any business to adopt,
  • Simple for its customers and clients to use and;
  • Uunobtrusive in the data it requests and records,

VENUE QR records the minimum information required to comply with the Track & Trace law -  only the surname, phone number and outbound portion of the customers postcode are requested and stored with all records automatically deleted at the expiry of the officially required 21 day retention period, If a COVID event occurs that requires disclosure of the records to the Track & Trace Service this is done by a simple download of a universally acceptable file that can be e-mailed to the Track & Trace Service.

Used alongside the NHS COVID-19 App VENUE QR provides a complete answer to your businesses track and trace compliance.

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If you serve food and drink, either within your premises or as a takaway provider, we offer further modules that expands the basic VENUE QR recording solution to deliver a full menue, order & pay solution with facilities ranging from the presentation of a simple paperless menu to a full online order and payment solution that is packed with powerful features;

  • Your online solution professionally crafted and delivered ready to go – with fully optimised, responsive online ordering that matches your branding.
  • Powerful recording and reporting tools at your disposal - Track, manage and gather customer information for analysis.
  • Direct Online Ordering – Allow your customers to order directly from your own branded website.
  • Customer Management with Customer data ready for you to optimise your sales flow
    Keep track of all valuable data for each order you receive.
  • Full Merchant Services at very attractive and fixed transactional costs (normally 2.9% of each processed order value +£0.20) - We don’t charge commission on top of your stated prices and the order value!

You are at all times in control! This is not an agency service like Just Eat & Uber - all orders are directly placed with you and by YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Our online ordering system is easy to understand, quick to set up and get going.

  • You can take full control of the look, feel and content  or;
  • We can build it for you – choose this option and you just tell us how you would like it to be and we do everything for you.

We have concentrated on making this the easiest solution in town.

  • No Commission - your price is just that
  • Your own branded website checkout for your business
  • Receive and print orders instantly
  • Option to receive orders to a dedicated printer via the hardware provided
  • Accept payment directly from your customers
  • Your customers can order food & pay by card from any device be it a phone, tablet, PC within few clicks.

Your management and fulfilment of orders easily - if you do not wish to take on hardware You can manage your orders directly online  via your own online dashboard accessed on any tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. Or you can receive new orders via e-mail or SMS

Your dashboard allows you to view new orders, search through your order history, and update your menu.

You can change prices, set opening/closing times, delivery areas, waiting times and much more. Unlike other companies who charge you extra for these services or any edits we allow you to have direct access. You are in full control. You just have to focus on the job which is of course the cooking & delivery and let us handle the boring technical stuff!

Remember we do not hold your hard-earned money. We are aware of some merchant ervices providers holding onto received payments for a week or more, let your mind be at ease as with us you can withdraw your money anytime by transfer to your own bank account.

Payment service features;

  • Fast and easy access to your money
  • Accept payments from all leading credit and debit cards
  • Everything you need in one package to accept payments
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • No limit on the number of users
  • Your customers don’t need an account or e-wallett to pay you
  • Free support for your customers by our UK based team
  • Simple and speedy setup
  • Easy to integrate with your existing website
  • Your own UK-based dedicated account manager
  • Tailored payments by your business type – takeaway, public house, restaurant, sports club – we fit the service to your needs

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