Online payment acceptance and e-trading is now a fixture – regardless of the nature of your  activity - be it a Business, Club or Charity it’s 99% certain that you will need the ability to take Card and Online payments from your customers, members or supporters.

A few facts:

  1. Increasingly shoppers are relying on the device they carry 24/7 to make purchases – their phone!
  2. The United Kingdom has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe
  3. In 2019 consumers in the UK spent roughly twice as much as French consumers and around three times as much Germans
  4. Mobile commerce is changing e-commerce. By the end of 2018, smartphones were the primary devices that got the largest share in revenue generated in UK online retail. Growth estimates from different sources suggested that turnover from mobile devices would continue soaring.
  5. A forecast made by WorldPay for 2020 predicted almost a doubling of the 2018 spend estimates.- the impact of COVID-19 has moved even more business activity online

Merchant payment services are now a "must have" feature of every enterprise and include:

  • Bespoke solutions for Membership Clubs & Charities (including automatic processing of Gift Aid on qualifying donations)
  • Online payment portals
  • QR Code payments
  • Telephone Billing and Virtual Terminal Services
  • Mobile Billing Solutions
  • Bespoke Solutions for challenging business activities or  those rejected by mainstream providers
  • Merchant Account Analytics
  • Fraud Prevention and Security Management
  • Multi-Currency Processing Solutions
  • Recurring Billing Services
  • Multi-Territory Merchant Services
  • Payment Gateway Services
  • Ecommerce Payment Solutions
  • Managed Merchant Services

For some not every feature and service is relevant or needed, a simple ‘PayPal style’ account or an off the shelf “works out of the box” solution such as SumUp may prove an easy and frankly ideal solution to this problem;

For these situations we partner with Nochex Payment Services a leading provider of Secure Payment Services to small traders, sports clubs, schools and charities that delivers a one stop solution giving;

  • Fast and easy access to your money.
  • Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards.
  • Both a merchant account and payment gateway in one.
  • Fully PCI compliant.
  • No limits on the number of transactions.
  • Your customers won’t need an account to pay you.
  • Free support for your customers from our UK team.
  • Simple and speedy setup.
  • Easy to integrate with your website.
  • Your own UK-based account manager.

at a price that we can guarantee to be competitive with any like for like offer.


But the fact is not all activities fit into the acceptance criteria of this offer, or those of PayPal, SumUp and other platforms that specialise in straightforward retail sales and so for the larger, more complex or difficult solutions that may present we have partnered with NoChex parent company, Axcess Merchant Services a truly expert and independent and award winning provider of e-payment solutions to provide answers to more complex requirements


Axcess Merchant Services provide advanced solutions that recognise that as activities grow and mature what you expect from your payment system tends to become more demanding and the costs of your solution in terms of transaction fees and tariffs more material to bottom line profit.

Axcess work with a wide range of banking partners, and this wide choice, supported by truly cutting edge payment gateway technology, that is independent of all bank relationships, allows us to provide our clients with  the services they need tailored for the individual needs that each situation presents.

Whilst many clients may well work in the same business vertical, selling the same goods or offering much the same services, or needing much the same final outcomes the fact is  every enterprise has a distinctive business model which can have a huge impact on which banks and technology set up are best suited to achieving the outcomes and results that enterprise seeks. 

By making engaging with, and understanding, what a client needs our first and foremost interest we can deliver the right solution to ensure that that our clients have the ability not to just process transactions but to grow and develop without the problems often associated with success and growth; problems that can, and often do, force changes in bank and payment processing relationships, changes that cause disruptions and instabilities that are at best a costly diversion of management time and resources and at worst fatal to the enterprises continued ability to maintain or scale its e-payment strategy.

With two distinctive payment gateways connected to around 400 payment solutions our partnership with Axcess allows the delivery of the right solution for those wanting local, international or global coverage. 

By deploying cutting edge technology, 24/7 support, competitive pricing and accessing the widest selection of banking partners, we can deliver services to most verticals in the Card Holder Not Present market.

We can say that no matter how complex the website, business model or vertical a business works in, We can take out the hassle of finding the perfect banking partner and the right payment solution.

Put simply: Working with Axcess we fully engage with clients to make sure we understand their business model and deliver the best solution to each and every situation

Why not put us to the test and see how we can help improve your ability to accept online, mobile and card payments?   Click to get in touch to talk about our payment services


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