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Do you run a Joomla website ?

Do you run a WordPress website ?

Is your site or service based on another CMS or similar product ?

When was the last time you updated the system ?

If you do not update regularly then your system and therefore your business could be at serious risk from attack via known vulnerabilities to the system used to run your site.

We recommend that all core updates are applied as soon as possible to avoid and issues with known vulnerabilities but we also know that many sites run with dangerously out of date core files and these pose a significant risk to business owners and managers.

These updates are usually mundane tasks which are all too easily missed or put off due to time pressures and that ever growing to do list we all have to face. 

At KnowledgeFrame we are geared up to take the hassle away, our service offers a peace of mind option that lets you get on with your real job, get in touch and we can tailor a solution to help you get ahead of the game for a change.

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